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Friendly Animal Trapping & Removal
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Wildlife Animal Control

Hawkins Animal Trapping & Removal offers wildlife animal removal services for homeowners and businesses. Wildlife animal removal can be a time-consuming, costly and dangerous task for an untrained person to attempt by himself. Incorrect methods can lead to more damage rather than do any good. Our wildlife animal removal services will eliminate the animal problem from your home or business for good. Trust the professionals with Hawkins team!


Hearing something walking in your attic?

Our trained specialists will assess the problem and develop the most suitable plan to remove the animals safely and humanely.

Animal trapping

Once we've identified the problem, we will remove the unwanted animals by trapping and relocating them. We can remove a wide variety of animals, from raccoons, skunks, opossums, rats, snakes, to nuisance birds.

Cleanup & repairs

If the critters spent any time living in your house, they've probably left behind urine and excrement. This waste can be potentially dangerous and spread diseases. Our experts will clean and sanitize the affected area and perform repairs if necessary.

Dead animal removal

Having dead animals in your house can lead to stinky odors and bacteria. If you suspect that one died in your home, we will remove them from difficult-to-reach areas like attics and crawl spaces.


How did the animal gain access?

We will thoroughly inspect your home to identify signs of entry. We will then make sure entry points are sealed so that they don't invade again.

Humane Wildlife Removal

Hawkins Animal Trapping & Removal moves all unwanted animal from your property with humane wildlife removal techniques and following California laws and regulations.


Hawkins Animal Trapping was great in helping me out with my raccoon problem. Their service was prompt, prices are reasonable and excellent work was done by Anthony, who was professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. A+ service.

Gary H.
A raccoon trapped in a cage.

Our Goal

The safety of animals is the top priority for us. Because we care about people and animals, we deliver on-time service with friendly, dedicated and knowledgable staff.  Our team works quickly and efficiently. When we encounter animals on a property, we inspect every aspect of the property to identify all possible entry points. We perform professional repairs with satisfaction guaranteed.

Apart from being fully-insured, Hawkins Animal Trapping & Removal is licensed through the state of California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Big or small we catch them all.

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Raccoons are intelligent and powerful animals that tear off crawlspace screens to access under the home and find their way into attics. We use only humane, non-lethal methods to trap and remove them.


Skunks have the smelly gift of spraying predators and digging under fences, dig up yards, or even gain entry under crawlspace doors. We believe these beautiful animals get the same fair treatment as any other critter would.


Opossums are marsupials with minimal eyesight that mostly unknowingly crawl into attics crawlspaces and sometimes into garages and houses! We are experts in trapping, as well as locating and removing opossums.

Rats & mice

At Hawkins Trapping, we never use poisons of any kind or under any circumstance. We believe that there's an environmental solution for every problem and believe that trapping is the most responsible rodent solution.


When ambushed, snakes will try to strike out and bite, so contacting a trained wildlife removal specialist is the safest option when it comes to snake control. We humanely capture pest snakes to ensure your family's safety.


At Hawkins Trapping, we use the latest methods and most advanced products to remove and prevent birds from your home or business.

A man taking care of a kitty.

Mat and his team provide the best service! They are professional, friendly, communicative and thorough! Any questions or concerns I had were answered and put me at ease! They care deeply about the animals and the work that they do, so I know any critters are in good hands!